Good news: We got U.S bank account

Dear customers,

There’s a good news to close a busy June: From today 29 June 2015, opened a United States bank account, then U.S and Canada customers can make bank transfer to our company within 1 – 2 working days at a very low bank transfer cost (estimated ~ 1% total payment upon your sender’s bank). It’s as a result of the agreement among our mother company Vigoti, First Century Bank and Payoneer.

This valuable service allows our company to receive your tour payments in USD from North American companies and customers rapidly. We strongly recommend you choose this way instead of PayPal even in case of urgent tour bookings because it takes us even 24 hours to receive your bank transfer. Most importantly, the bank transfer fee within U.S keeps low, and much lower than PayPal. Shortly, you pay less for “processing fee”, but the transfer speed still amazes us.

Our benefits

  • Get Paid Easily – US customers can pay us for any holiday services and more
  • Faster Payments – We receive your payments as quickly as if we were in the US
  • Low Fees – Keep more of your earnings with a fee of about 1%

How does it work?

It’s easy! Go to your nearest local bank and use our account number and routing numbers (in the box below), to make your tour payment. We will email you once the payment has been loaded to our account.

Our Collection Account Information:

Account Type :CHECKING

Bank name : First Century Bank
Routing (ABA): 061120084
Account Number : 4015785242344

U.S bank account of represented by Mr. Mach Quang Chien (Mike) Co-founder.

The Collection Account credentials are displayed on this check image for illustration purposes only to the paying entity. See terms and conditions for additional explanation.

We’re sure this good news benefits both you and us and makes our payment process as simply as ever.


VietnamCheapPackages team

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