Vigoti Ltd. is a mixture of youth and senior, speed and stamina, ethusiasm and experience. We’re a newly established team but have 3 – 12 years traveling around Indochina and South East Asia, and have the same inspiration introducing the best of this region to worldwide travelers. Before joining Vigoti Ltd., each member also holds an important position in most fields relating to the hospitality industry (tour guide, tour operator, hotel sales manager, product manager). Because once to be “an insider” of each field, we’re confident in showing you the best way to experience the travel services in a given destination, and in the possibility to coordinate the different travel services into 1 proper package.

Meet our team

Chien Mike

Mike, Co-founder & Managing Director

10 years serving in tourism industry. His previous jobs as a tour guide, product manager, Halong cruise sales manager and Inbound marketing form his diversified perspective of what to suggest our clients.



Robson, Co-founder & Operation Manager

07 years leading groups to Vietnam & 05 years as hotel manager before starting-up his own business in Vigoti. He’s now Head of Operation department managing all travel services on spots.



Pyin Oo Lwin (Pin), Myanmar Manager

Pin is our most senior manager and working in Myanmar office. Her own company went on close by the previous Myanmar junta government. She was one of the first one protesting in front of Shwedagon pagoda to against the odds. And now, she wants to introduce a new Myanmar to the world.


Hoang Lam Travel Laos

Hoang Lam, Laos Manager

Hoang Lam is our representative in Laos with his own office in Vientiane established since 2010. He is a talented manager with deep knowledge of Laotian history, culture and attractions. He also provides sales seminars about new Laos travel trending, and holds our hotline if you need urgent contact during tours in Laos.


Sohed, Cambodia representative

Sohed, Cambodia Manager

Coming from the sunny beach of Sihanoukville, Sohed is the most experienced guy of our team but joined as the latest along with our Cambodia tour launch. As an expert in bus routes, street foods and riverlines, he brings more facts into our tour itineraries and knows the smart way to upgrade your immersion among the life of Cambodian.


Lan Anh, Accountant-in-Chief

Lan Anh, CFO

Lan Anh worked for hotel administration for 3 years before joining our team. She now keeps track of all bank transactions and cash flow. You will meet her name on our tour Invoices. She also provides us the best payment method to minimize the cost of fee and processing time.


your avatar

You ?

That’s right, we’re hiring! Do you love traveling? Do you love sharing? Meet us to discuss putting your talent to good use. Our team is a relaxed, fun and flexible workplace, with exciting projects but no stress. Please Contact Us if you’re seeking a lift-up for your career.


How we are different

  • Offices in Hanoi, Sihanoukville and Yangon. We will MEET you immediately to resolve problems if you call us.
  • Diversified tour solutions – Travel for all.
  • Flexible & Smart consultancy – Local knowledge.
  • Quick response – We will reply you in 1 day or asap.
  • Quick and low-fee payment ways – As low as 1%.
  • Available 24/7

Comprehensive solutions for your SE-tours

This is our slogan, and also our guideline for all our travel consultancy.

Local – We are the local who were born here, grown up here, traveling around the region and experience the local life everyday. We are proud Indochina and Southeast (SE) Asia be our home. We know it and want to broadcast our inspiration of this land to the world. In all of our travel consultancy, you will feel the emotion.

Flexible – All are determined by clients. Clients can customize the tour features, schedules, hotels, … as much as possible till we reach agreement. The duty of a travel consultant is matching the facts with the clients’ changes, then finding the best solution to organize the tour smoothly. Flexible also means we allow clients to choose the most suitable among many payment methods, low deposit, and the rest of payment can be paid on-spot to increase your trust in our company. Flexible in the way you contact us: Viber, Line, Whatsapp, Skype, Social media, Email, Phone always available 24/7.

Smart – We are not the first time travelers, and also not the only-one-time traveler. We are the professional travelers who have experienced 1 service in many times before introducing it to clients. We’d like you to travel wisely. A travel service is intangible which is always moving. You should consider it at a particular time compared with your requirements. We will help you indicate both upside and downside of 1 service, and conclude what suits you best.

GO. Indochina and SE-Asia are in your hand. Let us care about your holidays. Let’s go to the home countries where our travel consultants were born and grown up. We are the locals, so we will tell you how you travel as an insider. Each holiday inspires you, and you will want to return in the coming time.

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