• Updated: September 23, 2019
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Our UK Payment Service

This valuable service allows you to make tour payments in GBP from banks in the UK – as Vigoti now has openned a bank account in UK!

The advantages are:

  • Simple – Work with any UK company, hassle-free!
  • Fast – Receive payments as though you live in the UK
  • Absolutely free to use

How does it work?

We open a collection account in GBP in the United Kingdom.

Displayed below are the details of your UK collection account. These are the details you need to provide to the UK bank in order to make tour payments in GBP.

All payments received to this account will be automatically sent to Vigoti within 3 working days. Quick and Efficient!

Note: The UK Payment Service can be used to receive payment from companies and not individuals.

Our UK bank account

Bank Name: Barclays
Sort Code: 231486
Account Number: 00089659

Barclays bank UK

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