This is Bagan!

Full day – Code: KMM-BGN-001

Price: US$ 74/ person (from 8 people) – Including entrance fees, lunch, horsecart, drinks 

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A full day tour by car with an experienced guide through Bagan will show you the best-known temples of the area. We start the day climbing a pagoda to get a first impressive view over the whole area. From here the guide plans his way to some of the other amazing temples that have been here for hundreds of years. Places like the Ananda, Dhammayangyi, Sulamani, and Thatbyinnyu will certainly impress you. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant and around 16.00 pm we continue the tour by horse cart to Pyathagyi pagoda for sunset with some refreshing drinks served. Oh… we forgot to mention the best part of this tour; whenever you see a temple you like, just ask your guide to stop to have a look at it – simply pick your own favourite temple.

A picnic in Minnanthu

Half day – Code: KMM-BGN-002

Price: US$ 61/ person (from 8 people)

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Minnanthu is probably the most favorite temple area amongst frequent Bagan visitors. If you want to know why; it’s quiet, it’s a beautiful area and the temples here are often completely deserted. The guide brings you by car to this forgotten part of Bagan and will spread out a blanket and serve you a great picnic lunch. Take in this historical setting before or after visiting two or three ancient temple ruins in this area. The rest of the day your car and guide are available for additional visits of the temples, if wanted till 18.00 pm.

Scary Ghosts, Superstitious Kings and Brutal Conquerors

Half day – Code: KMM-BGN-003

Price: US$ 39/ person (from 8 people) – half day tour – car & guide available full day

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The history of the Bagan kingdom and temples doesn’t only have a sunny side from the glory days, but has also seen a lot of bloodshed in the past. During this half-day tour, our guide will bring you to all places with a scary history and tell you hair-rising myths and anecdotes. Is the spirit of the Tharaba gate really the soul of a person buried alive inside the doorpost? How many construction workers had their arm chopped of at that stone at Dhammayangyi stupa? And are there still ghosts here at night? The guide will tell you all about it. He’ll also give you an insight in the behaviour of kings and queens during this period and explain what happened when the Mongols invaded. Especially children and families will love this tour. The rest of the day the car and guide are available for additional visits of the temples till 18.00 pm if wanted.

Markets, Monasteries and a Hidden Cave Temple

Full day – Code: KMM-BGN-004

Price: US$ 74/ person (from 8 people)including boat ride, horsecart and picnic lunch

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An ideal excursion when you feel like you have seen most of the temples (or at least enough) and also want to discover a bit more of the Myanmar countryside. We go by private car to Kyauk Gu Ohnmin cave temple that rarely sees foreign visitors, continue to Pakkoku and visit a local slipper factory, the market and see where the famous Pakkoku blankets are made. A private boat is ready for you at the jetty in Pakkoku for a leisurely 2 hour trip downriver while lunch is being served on board. In the afternoon your guide and driver will show local village life in the dry zone and later in the day we’ll visit a local lacquer ware workshop in Myinkaba village.

Balloons over Bagan – standard service

Half day – Code: KMM-BGN-005

Price: US$ 340/ person (Premium Service US$ 400/ person)

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One of the unique highlights when visiting Myanmar. Early morning before sunrise we pick you up at your hotel and drive to the launch site for a spectacular hot air balloon ride over the temple zone in Bagan. The mostly British balloon pilots are operating each balloon under highest UK safety standards and the views you will get are simply breathtakingly spectacular. After floating in the air and following the wind you will land safely and be welcomed back on the ground by a smiling crew serving cold champagne before bringing you to your hotel.

Biking through Bagan

Half day – Code: KMM-BGN-006

Price: US$ 40/ person (from 8 people) - incl drop-of of bikes

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We love Bagan, not just because of the beauty of each temple and not just because of the lack of hordes of tourists. We like Bagan most because of the stunning landscape of ancient temple ruins that seem to be spread around randomly in between toddy palms and bamboo huts. During this half-day tour on a bike, your guide will show you some of the most spectacular sceneries of ancient temples. The best of all is that you can stop any time, any minute to make some beautiful pictures.

Sundowners on a Sandbank

Evening – Code: KMM-BGN-007

Price: US$ 35/personsunset cruise including cocktails

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We’ve decided that you have to stay at least 2 nights in Bagan; one to see the sun go down from the top of an ancient temple, the other one to take a boat ride on the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River. Have some sundowners on a sandbank in the middle of the river (if the river is not too high). A private boat tour on the river during sunset time will hopefully show you a spectacular sunset while your guide will be serving cocktails and some snacks.

Lesser-known Temples and Nyaung U Market

Half day – Code: KMM-BGN-008

Price: US$ 41/ person (from 8 people) - half day tour – car & guide available full day

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The busy market in New Bagan is a very lively affair each morning when people from all around town come and buy their vegetables, herbs, meat and other ingredients for dinner. Your guide will give an assignment to go and buy and taste 3 different kind snacks typical for the region. There also is extra time reserved to buy some souvenirs. We continue to Taungbi village where we visit the old wooden monastery built for royalty and two temples that are not well known but certainly worth a visit. The rest of the day the car and guide are available for additional visits of the temples till 18.00 pm if wanted.

Mount Popa and Surroundings in a Different Way

Full day – Code: KMM-BGN-009

Price: US$ 75/person (from 8 people) - full day incl lunch at Popa Mountain Resort

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Mount Popa is one of the places to be visited in the surroundings of Bagan as it is the birthplace of the 37 “nats” of Myanmar, which are the protective spirits. We steer you away from the normal trodden paths and today we also visit the countryside including a temple in Minnanthu area, rural village life in Shwe See Htein village as well as the fruit and flower market and plantations near Popa. Lunch will be taken at Popa Mountain Resort. Return back to Bagan at the end of the day – in time to catch a beautiful sunset.

A bike trip without temples in Bagan?

Full day – Code: KMM-BGN-010

Price: US$ 46/ person (from 8 people)full day – boat, bike,lunch at local restaurant

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We start the day to bike from your hotel to the Z-Craft Jetty in Old Bagan. In the morning you find a busy market where local bring their merchandise from across the river. After checking out the market we take a 10 min boat ride across to Se Lan village on the other side of the Ayeyarwaddy River. We spend about one hour biking through vegetable plantations, seeing local way of life to Myitchay village. Here we will visit workshops like cotton weaving and cane/bamboo ware workshops. Lunch will be in a local restaurant. After lunch we continue on our bikes south (10 km) to Kyaung Chaung Jetty where our boat will be waiting for us to bring us back to Old Bagan. From here we return to our hotel by bike.