Spiritual Shwedagon Pagoda

Half day – Code: KMM-YGN-001

Price: US$ 45 (from 8 people) – incl transfers, local breakfast, lunch and donations

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So what’s behind the golden façade of the Shwedagon Pagoda? During this interactive half-day tour we take you through the back door and show you the full history of the pagoda, the daily life of all people living in its immediate surroundings and a deeper insight in the Buddhist religion and how the spiritual belief is mixed with the belief in nats – the Myanmar spirits. An intriguing day starting from the bottom of the hill and passing the workshops, markets and monasteries which will be useful or ev en essential to understand more of the country during the rest of your journey. The tour includes a traditional Burmese breakfast, offerings to monks and the pagoda, a visit to a fortuneteller and a Burmese lunch.

Yangon city tour

Full day – Code: KMM-YGN-003

Price: US$ 6 (from 8 people) - Incl drink at Strand & local lunch

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Yangon is a sprawling city with a relatively small downtown area including several markets, colonial buildings, the Yangon River and a very green area with tree-lined streets and several lakes. During this full day tour we show you the different faces of Yangon. During the day you visit the Sule Pagoda, colonial downtown, the harbour, The Strand for a drink, and one of the colourful local markets. The reclining Buddha will be visited just before taking a tasteful lunch of typical dishes from tribes from all over the country like Kachin, Shan and Rakhine. A local market will lead us to a small station where we take the famous circular train to bring us right behind Bogyoke Aung San market before heading back to your hotel.

In the footsteps of Bogyoke Aung San

Half day – Code: KMM-YGN-005

Price: US$ 43 (from 8 people) - incl lunch (Aung San museum closed on Mon and Tue)

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The father of Myanmar independence, the national hero and the person who fought against the British and later against the Japanese to give Burma independence in 1947. Bogyoke (which means general) Aung San is still loved by people nationwide. During this half-day tour we visit places in Yangon related to the life of general Aung San who brought independence to Myanmar and your guide will give background information about his life and the history of Myanmar. Places to be visited include Yangon downtown, the recently re-opened Aung San museum (closed on Mon and Tue) and his wife’s mausoleum. The tour is ending with a lunch in Aung San’s former office.

Yangon in the early morning – Markets, Monks & Mohinga

Half day – Code: KMM-YGN-006

Price: US$ 24 (from 8 people)

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What’s happening in the streets of Yangon when most people are still sleeping? You’re going to find out soon. An early wake-up call is planned at 6 am and the guide is expecting you in the hotel lobby at 6.30 to start with a visit to the fish market. The Yangon River is already busy. We continue to a vegetable market, which is open 24 hours a day and go to try the famous Burmese breakfast called Mohinga (a mild fish soup with noodles and crackers). By that time the monks are walking through the streets of Yangon to collect their alms and you will wait for them to pass and donate some food. Continue to the fruit and vegetable market before heading back to your hotel (around 09:30 am) to have your full western breakfast.

Yangon after sunset including Shwedagon

Evening – Code: KMM-YGN-007

Price: US$ 37 (from 8 people)

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At the end of the day many Yangonites leave their office and on the way back home they stop for some shopping, catch up with friends at a teashop, visit a pagoda or go to a beer station. This is exactly what you are going to do as well this evening. Highlight of the tour will be the evening visit to the illuminated Shwedagon pagoda – a magic and mystical moment at a time it’s not very busy on the main platform. After the pagoda visit there will be local snacks to be tasted as well as a local draft beer or a fresh lime juice. The tour includes drinks, a walk over the night market in downtown, tea and snacks as well as a tasty bowl of noodles shared with some locals.

Multi-culturalism in Yangon – 8 places of worship

Full day – Code: KMM-YGN-009

Price: US$ 53 (from 8 people)

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One of the exciting aspects of travelling in Myanmar is the fact that the country was closed and therefore unchanged for so many years. The population consists out of more then a 100 different nationalities and races (who often preserve their own dialect, customs, food and religious backgrounds). Only in Yangon you can visit eight different places of worship in a day. During this full day tour we visit Indian town, Chinatown and the National Museum to see a display of the traditional dress of the main groups of people living in Myanmar. It’s also a day to discover the different religious backgrounds of the population and we will visit a Buddhist pagoda, a Christian church, a mosque, a synagogue, a Hindu temple, a Chinese temple, a Sikh temple and a place where spirits are honoured.

Temples and pagodas in Bago and a train ride back home

Full day – Code: KMM-YGN-010

Price: US$ 84 (from 8 people)

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Bago (about 1,5 hr driving) used to be the capital of Myanmar under king Bayinnaung (till 1819). It is an excellent place to see the remains of a former capital, especially if you don’t have enough time to visit Mandalay or Bagan. In the morning we stop at a local market to buy some fruits and snacks and to pay respect to the thousands of allied soldiers buried at the Taukkyan War Cemetery. In Bago city we visit the Kyatkha Wain monastery, one of the largest in the country. We try to arrive in time to see the monks’ preparations for lunch. During the afternoon we visit Shwemawdaw Pagoda as well as the Shwetalyaung Buddha and the remains of the former palace. We return to Yangon by train to see a different way of local live and countryside.

Pampering and shopping

Half day – Code: KMM-YGN-013

Price: US$ 71 (from 8 people) - incl lunch and foot massage – full day car and guide

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An excellent half day tour during your trip to Myanmar starting (or ending) with a lunch at a local entrepreneur who is growing organic vegetables and producing locally made “French” cheese, ham and other delicious food. A 1 hr foot massage is what you deserve and afterwards our specially selected shopping guide will bring you to whatever shop you like to find your souvenirs to bring home, whether it is shopping for a longyi (local sarong), umbrella’s, old books, gold leaves or even a trishaw (bicycle taxi) or contemporary painting – our specialist knows where to find it.

Yangon Heritage walk

Half day – Code: KMM-YGN-016

Price: US$ 26 (from 8 people)

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Yangon downtown is unique with much of its colonial-era architecture still standing. You find one of Asia’s most impressive collections of late nineteenth and early twentieth- century buildings, religious and secular. Starting after breakfast or lunch this walking tour will take you through downtown Yangon, focusing on its old colonial buildings. Your guide will walk you through the back streets in a relaxed tempo and explain you the history of each building some of them empty, some getting restored and some used for different purposes than when built. This walk along the streets of Yangon will at least architecturally take you a step back in time. The walk ends with a drink at Union Bar & Grill in the old Red Cross building on Strand Road.


Yangon Excursions (incl guide, transportation, water, snowtowels, entrance fees) – price per person